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By Gregory L. Eastwood (auth.), Luis Bustos-Fernández M.D. (eds.)

The useful and natural adjustments of the colon represent one of many prime the reason why sufferers seek advice gastroenterologists. The irritable colon is among the such a lot com­ mon factors of ache in people. The natural pathology of the big bowel (malignancy and persistent inflammatory affliction) contributes, fairly between Occi­ dental peoples, to discouragingly excessive degrees of morbidity and mortality. One realizes the significance of getting a radical physiologic wisdom of the colon on the way to scientifically plan the sensible remedy of natural colonic dis­ eases. If we contemplate the massive quantity of fabric released at the body structure of the esophagus, belly, small bowel, pancreas, and liver, we detect that the colon has been really overlooked. The chapters during this ebook were written by means of those who have performed their utmost to change this imbalance. i need to thank the entire participants for his or her beneficiant collaboration that enables me to offer in a single quantity almost the entire info recognized in regards to the constitution and serve as of the colon, and to list my deep graditude to Dr. Howard Spiro for his willingness to incorporate this quantity in his sequence. i might additionally wish to convey my honest appreciation to Plenum Publishing company for making this booklet attainable. A spe­ cial thank you is going to Dr.

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However, other mechanisms have also been proposed. l36 In renal tissues, mineralocorticoids are thought to increase sodium transport by augmenting the activity of Na+, K+ -ATPase, 137 and comparable effects have been proposed in the colon. In acute (3-hour) experiments using rabbit colon, Na+, K+ -ATPase activity was unchanged,37 but a later effect on this enzyme cannot be excluded. 136 The action of glucocorticoids on the colon is important clinically, as these agents are used in an uncontrolled manner, but with occasional success, in many forms of diarrhea.

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