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By M.M.J. Treacy

This fifth variation of the Zeolite Powder trend assortment includes calculated styles of 218 zeolite fabrics representing 174 framework topologies. the virtually exponential development of recent zeolite topologies displays the ongoing luck of zeolite synthesis researchers in generating novel fabrics. Collection of Simulated XRD Powder styles for Zeolites comprises fabrics of curiosity to zeolite scientists following the guidelines tested at contemporary IZA meetings. The fabrics integrated have corner-sharing tetrahedral frameworks without regulations on chemical composition. * Covers a rise of forty-one new topologies because the 4th version in 2001 * information amassed from diversified literature assets * Represents an intensive compilation of knowledge

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Catal. No. 37) Ed. by P. J. Grobet, W. J. Mortier, E. F. Vansant and G. Schulz-Ekloff (Elsevier: Amsterdam) 269-279 (1988). And J. M. Bennett, Private communication. 09 I ' I ' ' I ' I ' I Di-n-propylamine MAPSO-46 I ' I J -% 43 AFS e- 44 AFT AIPO-52, Calcined, Rehydrated CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: I(H20)z] [Ala6P360144] Partially REFINED COMPOSITION: CRYSTAL Rehydrated. [A136P360144] DATA: P31c a- (No. 715 A c- 2 9 . 173 REFERENCE: N . K . McGuire, C. A. Bateman, C. S. Blackwell, S. T. Wilson and R.

I AIPO-C, Dehydrated . . . . I . . I __ J Ol 57 APC _0 _O o,I _o 58 APD AIPO-D CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: [Al16P16064] REFINED COMPOSITION: [Al16P16064] CRYSTAL DATA: REFERENCE: Pca21 (No. 0 4 139 4 . 4 90~ refinement,/~wp c - 9 . B. Keller, W. M. Meier and R. M.

I .... Afghanite I .... 0 I .... i .... 0 I .... ~ .... 0 I .... i .... Ol e" 33 AFG Q Lt~ -O 34 AFI Tetrapropylammonium Fluoride AIPO-5 CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: I(C3H7)4NF I [n112P12048 ] (C3HT)4NFREFINED COMPOSITION. CRYSTAL [C12NF[ DATA: P6cc fluoride [A112P12048] (No. 474A ct = 9 0 ~ ~ = 90~ 7 = X-ray REFERENCE: tetrapropylammonium single crystal S. Q i u , W . P a n g , Zeolites refinement, H. 042 a n d J. L. G u t h , (1989). 4 0 I . . i . . I 0 . . . . 0 I . . i . . 0 I . . i .

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