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By Tom Frame

Few Australians become aware of that the structure doesn't officially separate Church and country. Tom body argues that a few touch among equipped faith and govt is either inevitable and, in a few situations, hugely fascinating. yet there are carrying on with and pointless tensions, for which Christians are mostly dependable. This e-book explores the character of the tensions, and the way to house them.

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In democratic societies with elected governments, the state claims the right to pass laws and make decisions in relation to all matters bearing on the public interest. There are times when the state will need to restrict individual freedoms and personal liberties in pursuit of the common good. “Nation-states” are simply the coincidence of the nation and the state. States can exist without a nation or spread across several nations. Nations can be coterminous with the population of one state (as in Australia); bound together with other nations to form one state (United Kingdom comprising Scotland, England, Wales and Northern 32 ONE WALL, TWO PEOPLE?

By this time, church leaders and politicians in America advocated separation; the former for protection, the latter to avoid interference. Although there were American Anglicans who sought to preserve their privileged status as members of the established church, the majority desperately wanted to avoid a replication of the British situation in America although it was still part of the empire under King George III (1738–1820). The Anglican establishment effectively ended with the War of Independence (1775–82).

Justice Mason in his judgment focused on the word “any” in section 116 to highlight the important differences between the Australian and American provisions. ” Justice Stephen concurred. ” He also noted that the First Amendment was far broader in 55 CHURCH AND STATE scope than section 116. ” These proceedings opened up a new question: what did establishment actually entail? Chief Justice Barwick said its meaning had not changed since the Constitution came into operation in 1901. It involved: the entrenchment of a religion as a feature of and identified with the body politic… It involves the identification of a religion with the civil authority so as to involve the citizen in a duty to maintain it and the obligation of, in this case, the Commonwealth to patronize, protect and promote the established religion.

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