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By Zhang Mingwu, Sun Xingyuan, Yang Entang, Yao Xiuqing

This publication introduces to the readers the idea of self-controlled Qigong treatment and the elemental Qigong styles. It additionally introduces to the readers the melanoma- treating Qigong development, the hypertension-treating Qigong development, the massaging Qigong trend, in addition to a few particular deviation-rectifying tools. to assist the readers go well with the treatment to the case a few prescription for and stories of a few universal ailments are prepared on the finish of the booklet.

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Head-Massage Tranquilizing Pattern Shuaigu The cephalalgia, Galllateral headache, bladder depression, Channel vomiting Fengfu of Qigong training is designed to relieve anxiety and regulate yang by massaging the various points on the head, so as to rectify the general unbalanced state of 5 yin and yang . The Head-Massage Tranquilizing Pattern, a major Qigong technique to treat coronary diseases, has the function to relieve anxiety and calm the heart . , Name of point Tianzhu The Du cold, headache, Channel stiff neck, apoplexy The Gallbladder Channel The Urinary Bladder Channel Functions to link up the Du Channel any the Ren Channel to dredge the channels frontal headache, sore eye,insomnia, to recuperate facial paralysis, the depleted yang and relieve occipital headsche, stiff neck, mental uneasiness neurasthenia 71 N Massage sequence Point No, Name of Name of point Channel Touwei 3 Fengchi The Stomach Channel migraine, dizziness, eye trouble The Gallbladder Channel apoplexy, hemiplegia, ear trouble, cold, headache, eye trouble, rhinitis Extraordinary Points eye trouble, headache kong The Sanjiao Channel migraine, eye trouble, facial paralysis Tinghui The ear trouble and Small Intestine fullness of Channel abdomen 12 Xiaguan The Stomach Channel ear trouble, toothache, facial paralysis 13 Qingming The Urinary Bladder Channel conjuntivitis and other eye trouble Pingxiang The Large Intestine Channel rhinitis, stuffy nose, excessive nasa 1 discharge, rapid respiration, edema Taiyang 10 11 14 15 72 Indications Sizhu- Chengjiang The Ren Channel diabetes, lockjaw Functions to stop the wind-evil and invigorate the brain ; Function of Toe-Raised Step- Toe-raised step is an exercise of the foot joints .

E. the normal physiological reflex arc. This is the physiological function of mental daoyin . 2 . Mechanism of Breathing Daoyin Chapter 5 In the deep exhaling and inhaling of the open-and-close, a lot of carbon dioxide is expelled through the deep exhaling, Function of Mental Daoyin which excites the parasympathetic nerves and makes the capillaries at the abdomen dilate, while through the inhaling (Method to Regulate the Heart) a lot of oxygen is taken in, which excites the sympathetic nerve, makes the blood vessels contract and causes the blood pressure to rise.

66 67 The self-controlled therapy of Qigong exercise takes tranquility as dao . Tranquility means that the mental activities are in the state of inhibition . Tranquility dominates all the postures . "Dao", as we understand, means that when the performer practises Qigong as a medical therapy, he has his mind tranquilized and inhibited through the whole course of exercise and then he has some better effects . That is why it is called "a cardinal remedy" in treating diseases . But so far this refers to mental activities .

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