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The function of stereochemistry to clarify response styles and physico-chemical houses in topical matters starting from inorganic to natural chemistry are handled within the 5th and ultimate quantity of this sequence. distinct money owed are given to review: chaining in polyphosphates, electron-transfers in carbonyl clusters, inclusion of organometallic molecules in cyclodextrins, stereochemistry of paramagnetic steel complexes through labeling with nitroxyl radicals, stereocontrol in natural syntheses assisted by means of inorganic complexes.

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The corresponding cobalt salt is isotypic. 13 Projection, along the b axis, of a layer of edge and cornersharing ΚΟβ octahedra in ΝιΚ4(Ρ3θ9)2·7Η2θ. 8. C e r i u m c y c l o t r i p h o s p h a t e trihydrate C e P 3 0 g . 14 Projection of the atomic arrangement of C e P 3 0 g . 3 H 2 0 along the c axis. Small empty circles are cerium atoms, larger ones are water molecules. 44 Fig. 14 reports the projection, along the c axis, of the atomic arran­ gement of C e P 3 0 g . 3 H 2 0 . The P3O9 ring anion located around the 6 axis has a planar configuration with a 3/m internal symmetry, quite comparable with that already observed in the cyclotriphosphates isotypic of benitoite.

9 6 ( 1 9 7 3 ) 1 7 1 . M. Bagieu-Beucher, A. C. Guitel, Acta Cryst, B31 (1975) 2264. C. Grenier and A. Durif, Rev. Chim. , 9 ( 1 9 7 2 ) 3 5 1 . M. Bagieu-Beucher, I. Tordjman, A. C. Guitel, ActaCryst, 8 3 2 ( 1 9 7 6 ) 1427. M. A. Koval, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Neorg. Mat, 12 (1 976) 738. I. Tordjman, R. C. Guitel, Acta Cryst, B33 (1977) 585. N. Boudjada, Thesis, Univ. of Grenoble, France, 1985. G. Tammann and A. Ruppelt, Z anorg. allg. , 7 9 7 ( 1 9 3 1 ) 65. G. Morey, J. Am. Chem. Soc, 76 (1954) 4724.

2 . 2 . 2 . The Boulle's process The Boulle's process is a metathesis reaction widely used for the preparation of water-soluble cyclotriphosphates. The starting material is silver cyclotriphos-phate monohydrate, A g 3 P 3 0 g . H 2 0 . This salt, sparingly water-soluble, is easily prepared by adding an aqueous solution of silver nitrate (~ M/10) to an aqueous solution of sodium cyclotriphosphate of approximately the same concentration. H20 + 3NaN0 3 It is recommended to use an excess of silver salt to avoid the formation of a sodium contaminated c o m p o u n d .

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