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By James K. Feibleman, Paul G. Morrison, Andrew J. Reck, Harold N. Lee, Edward G. Ballard, Richard L. Barber, Carl H. Hamburg, Robert C. Whittemore

The yr 1959 has been referred to as The Centennial 12 months in view of the anniversary of the booklet of The beginning of SPecies and the centenary of the births of many that later contributed a lot to the philosophy of the hot prior, reminiscent of Samuel Alexander, Henri Bergson, John Dewey and Edmund Husser!' The essays within the current quantity that are on matters germane to any of the anniversaries celebrated this 12 months were positioned first within the current quantity. CENTENNIAL 12 months quantity DARWIN AND clinical strategy JAMES okay. FEIBLEMAN the data of technique, that is bought through formal schooling within the quite a few disciplines, is mostly com­ municated in summary shape. concord and counterpoint in musical composition, the axiomatic approach to arithmetic, the confirmed legislation in physics or in chemistry, the rules of arithmetic - some of these are taught abstractly. it is just after we come to the strategy of discovery in experimental technological know-how that we discover summary verbal exchange failing. the newest in addition to the best successes of the experimental sciences were these scored nowa days, yet we all know as but of no summary option to educate the medical procedure. The outstanding pedagogical truth is this technique hasn't ever been abstracted and set forth in a manner which might allow of its effortless acquisition. here's an surprising oversight certainly, for which the very trouble of the subject may well itself be responsible.

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Behind the literary fluidity of Bergson's style lurks a subtle, logically sharp line of thought meriting precise investigation and criticism. While I am myself constitutionally unable to embrace the cosmology and metaphysics Bergson advocated, I have tried nonetheless to think over the major points of his theory of duration and to indicate both their insights and their inherent defects. My method will be to state as succinctly as possible the five fundamental theses concerning duration, to elucidate each thesis by a consideration of Bergson's argument and by selected textual citations, and finally to comment on it critically.

3 Creative Evolution, trans. A. Mitchell (New York, 1944), p. 396. In future references this book will be represented by the symbol CEo All quotations are by the permission of the publisher. 1 2 28 BERGSON'S THEORY OF DURATION Intending to amend minor features of Spencer's system, Bergson investigated the mathematics of natural science. While so engaged, he hit upon the idea which is the glory of his own philosophy - the idea of duration. Real time, Bergson noted, eluded mathematical expression, for while time flows, mathematics involves superposition and juxtaposition.

12, 1929), esp. pp. 175 ff. See my articles "The Philosophy of Andrew Ushenko," The Review of Metaphysics, XI (March, 1958), pp. 471-485, and (June, 1958), pp. 673-688. 38 BERGSON'S THEORY OF DURATION destroyed by a static remembrance of all that was. Hence either the continuity of becoming is shattered into a multiplicity of continuities of becomings without connection or its cumulativeness is preserved by the supposition of a cosmic memory which freezes all becoming in its remembrance. Thesis IV: Duration is creativity EL UCIDA TION - "Duration is the continuous progress of the past which gnaws into the future and which swells as it advances" (CE,7).

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