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Terms to Know • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Administrative expense Contingency Cost Cost estimating Costing (cost accounting) Direct costs Direct material costs Direct labor costs Direct engineering costs Direct burden expenses Factory expense Indirect costs Indirect material costs Indirect labor costs Indirect engineering costs Indirect burden expenses Marketing, selling and distribution expense Mark-up Rate (Profit) 1. Gross Profit 2. Operating Profit 3. 1 Chapter 11 Discrete Product Manufacturing Key Points for Review • • • • • Introduction Discrete part manufacturing philosophies • Computer aided process planning • Concurrent engineering • Group technology • Just-in-time • Lean manufacturing • Materials requirements planning • Supply chain management • Total quality management Basic cost relationships • Prime cost • Manufacturing cost • Production cost • Total cost • Selling price Cost estimating guide form Break-even analysis • Cost bases • Time based • Quantity based • Break-even points • Shutdown point • Cost point • Required return point • Required return after taxes point Chapter 11 Discrete Product Manufacturing Exercise Questions 1.

Insight and content of employee work. 2. Salary and Fringe benefit make up sizeable portion of controllable costs. 3. Managers see these expenses as lump-sum amounts. Chart-of Accounts 1. Translate the work activities into a general ledger of expenses. 2. ABC/M is viewed for analysis. 3. ABC/M is starting point for calculating costs for both processes and diverse outputs. 4. ABC/M resolves deficiencies of traditional financial accounting. 5. ABC/M is work-centric. • Expenses must be distinguished from costs.

B, Allowances are most often used when preparing detailed or deterministic estimates. 19, S&K 5) 5. D, To determine that a high quality and sufficiently accurate estimate has been prepared. 32 ,S&K 5) 6. B, The degree of project definition. 2 ,S&K 5) 7. C, End-product units method. 5, S&K 5) 8. B, Evaluate project alternatives. 1, S&K 5) 9. D, The level of project definition used to prepare the estimate improves. 20 ,S&K 5) 10. A, Schedule impacts may directly affect labor productivity adjustments in the estimate, as well as labor and material pricing.

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