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This result would suggest that, at this point, metallic Pd is inactive. When the temperature is further cooled below the point at which oxygen starts to be taken up by Pd (see Figure lo), the activity increases and approaches that of the original Pd/A1203 catalyst. The above experiments were conducted a t conversions close to 100%. Further information about the relationship between PdO decomposition and activity has been recently obtained by Lyubovsky and Pfefferle'** in an experiment conducted at lower conversions, with the temperature first increasing and then decreasing.

129When the sample was not exposed to NO2, but only reduced and then oxidized, it did not show any Pd2' ions, but only PdO clusters. Finally, when Pd was supported on Na-ZSM-5 instead of H-ZSM-5, the amount of Pd2' ions was much lower, and the amount of PdO clusters much higher. Although in the absence of NO, Pd supported on Na-ZSM-5 or H-ZSM-5 exhibits similar methane combustion rates, in the presence of NO, only the one supported on HZSM-5 loses its combustion activity and becomes selective for NO reduction.

The authors related the irreversibility in activity by the H2 treatment to the reduction, as opposed to decomposition, of the sulfate groups on the Pd surface, forming PdS, according to the reaction; PdS04 + 4 H2 + PdS + 4 H20 (4) The PdS species formed after the H2 treatment can be converted back to PdS04 upon exposure to the CH4/02 mixture, preventing the regeneration. The support has also been found to play an important role in the sulfur poisoning process. Alumina-supported catalysts deactivate slowly in comparison with silica-supported catalysts.

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