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By Rogelio Daniel Acevedo

The first Catalogue of Meteorites from South the United States comprises new specimens by no means formerly reported, whereas uncertain circumstances and pseudometeorites were intentionally omitted.

The falling of those items is a random occasion, however the websites the place outdated meteorites are discovered are usually targeted in yes components, e.g. within the deflation surfaces in Chile’s Atacama desolate tract, because of favorable weather stipulations and ablation processes.

Our Catalogue offers simple details on every one specimen like its provenance and where the place it was once found (in geographic co-ordinates and with illustrative maps), its reliable identify, its type style (class, and if appropriate, weathering grade and surprise stage), if it was once noticeable falling or was once chanced on by accident, its overall mass or weight, the establishment the place it's held, and crucial bibliographic references approximately it.

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Achondrite, eucrite (brecciated). Seen falling on July 14, 1953, 31 g were rescued. Specola Vaticana (Vaticano City State), Natural History Museum. Salpeter (1957), The Permanent Commission on Meteorites of the International Geological Congress (1958b), Giacomelli (1969). Mercedes. 348 400 S, 598 200 W. Mercedes, Buenos Aires. Stone, olivinebronzite chondrite, (H5), W3. 2. 3 kg (26 pieces). Connolly Jr. et al. (2006). Fig. 33. Muelle Viejo. 418 110 S, 718 230 W. Lago Nahuel Huapi, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro.

Morro do Rócio. 27° S, 51° W. Santa Catarina. Stone, ordinary chondrite, (H5). Found in 1928, 369 g. Natural History Museum. Wlotzka and Fredriksson (1980), Fredriksson and Wlotzka (1985), Wlotzka (1985). Nova Petrópolis. 29° 260 S, 50° 550 W. Rio Grande do Sul. Iron, octahedrite, (IIIAB). 8 %. Found, 1967, 305 kg. Smithsonian Institution collections, Natural History Museum. Grunewaldt (1983), Graham (1984), Souza Azevedo et al. (1987), Funaki and Danon (1997). Fig. 25. 50 4 Brazil Fig. 26 Pará de Minas.

38. Renca. 328 450 S, 658 170 W. San Luis. Stone, olivine-hypersthene chondrite, (L5). Seen falling on June 20, 1925, 300 g were saved. Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires, Smithsonian Institution collections, Natural History Museum. Herrero Ducloux and Pastore (1929). Rincón. 238 520 150 S, 678 100 350 W. Salta. Stone, ordinary chondrite, (L6), S4 W2. 5. Ringwoodite-bearing. 4 g were recovered. Wlotzka (1995), Stelzner et al. (1997). Fig. 39. 328 520 S, 648 130 W. Córdoba. Achondrite, eucrite.

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