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By Blaize Clement

Writer Blaize Clement has earned herself a legion of lovers with the 1st 5 books in her pet-sitting secret sequence. Now Blaize's loved heroine, Dixie Hemingway, is again, and whilst Dixie's most recent task turns harmful, it's as much as her to save lots of the day.  Dixie, no relation to you-know-who, helps an injured and cantankerous guy look after Cheddar, his orange shorthair cat. quickly Dixie reveals herself completely smitten with the man's cute youngster great-granddaughter. however the baby's naive younger mom has sufficient wisdom approximately definite strong neighborhood big-mney honchos to ship them to criminal for all times, and they're prepared to do something, even kill her child, to close her up.  Caught within the turmoil brought on by the grandfather's prickly satisfaction, the granddaughter's erroneous plans to regain her younger husband's admire by way of telling the reality in courtroom, and the ruthless selection of rich villains to maintain their ill-gotten thousands, Dixie is the single one that can rescue the infant. and she or he has to do it with no letting law-enforcement humans recognize -- no longer even Lieutenant Guidry, with whom she has a brand new romantic courting.  Does Dixie have her claws sunk too deep to make it out of this one? discover in booklet six of Blaize Clement's superb sequence.  

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