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By C. David Gutsche (auth.), J. Vicens, V. Böhmer (eds.)

'This e-book that bargains with a different category of host-guest chemistry, famous by way of the 1987 Nobel Chemistry Prize Awards, may still attract just about all chemists. Medicinal chemists, specifically, may well locate it a resource of novel new ways to capability healing agents.'Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 35:7 1992

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OH OH ~ ¥¥ 160 1<0 120 160 Fig. 6. 100 80 60 <0 20 100 80 60 <0 20 13c 160 1<0 120 100 80 60 W 20 NMR spectra of a linear dimer, trimer, tetramer, and a cyclic tetramer. 5 ppm region, arising from the hydrogens on the bridging methylene groups, provides a most useful aspect of the lR NMR spectra of the calixarenes. The apparent identity in this region between the calix[4]- and calix[8]arenes with respect to the spectral pattern and coalescence temperature (eQ 48°C in CRCl 3 for the change from a pair of doublets to a singlet) caused confusion for some years.

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