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A process is generally used for arithmetic/computational operations. Used to test for a given condition. Testing whether one quantity is larger than another is one example of a testing/decision operation. Similarly, testing whether a specific quantity is positive or zero is another typical test. ELSE statements would typically characterize this test operation This symbol is used for input or output operations. For example, if we want to input the radius of a circle or output the calculated area of the circle.

3 Floating Point Variables 24 COMMON PROGRAMMING ERRORS Not declaring all variables used in a program will lead to a syntax error. Attempting to store one data type in a variable declared for a different type might result in a syntax error. 2 Keywords in C++ A keyword is a reserved word that has a predefined meaning and purpose in the language. g. float, int and so on. Every language has its own set of key words. 2. 3 Constants in C++ A constant is an expression whose value doesn’t change during program execution.

1 Identifiers It is the symbolic name given by a programmer for any data item or function. The identifier is a sequence of characters taken from the C++ character set. e. underscore “_”. Can start with an alphabet or underscore, but not with a digit. C++ is case sensitive language Variables are also a kind of identifiers. They are the most fundamental part of any language. A variable is a location in the computer memory which can store data and is given a symbolic name for easy reference. Its value can change during the program execution.

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