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Dog alone! If the warning is ignored and the dog is cornered, he’s likely going to bite. Dog bites are extremely dangerous, often disfiguring or traumatizing a youngster for life. Although it may seem that a dog bites a child for no reason, to a dog’s way of thinking, he had every reason to protect himself. For their own protection, children must be taught early in life what they can and can’t do around a dog, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to watch their children to make sure that they follow the rules.

Too many snacks encourage finicky eating habits, and they don’t have all the nutrients your dog needs for a balanced meal. Chapter 6 Feeding Your Chihuahua 61 Reading Dog Food Labels Dog food labels are not always easy to read, but if you know what to look for they can tell you a lot about what your dog is eating. • The label should have a statement saying the dog food meets or • • • • • exceeds the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional guidelines. If the dog food doesn’t meet AAFCO guidelines, it can’t be considered complete and balanced, and can cause nutritional deficiencies.

Don’t • Grab at your Chihuahua when you pick him up. This can frighten him. • Stick your fingers between his rib cage and his front legs when you carry your dog. If you constantly hold your puppy this way, he’ll walk with his elbows sticking out and his front legs won’t be straight when he grows up. • Squeeze the dog. This can hurt him and he might bite. Even the best-tempered dog will nip if he’s hurt. When he wakes up, take him outside to eliminate but don’t fuss over him too much. Hopefully, he’ll go back to sleep in his crate for the rest of the night when he’s finished.

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