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By Linda Lawrence Hunt

In 1896, a Norwegian immigrant and mom of 8 young ones named Helga Estby used to be at the back of on taxes and the loan while she discovered mysterious sponsor may pay $10,000 to a girl who walked throughout the USA.

Hoping to win the guess and keep her family’s farm, Helga and her teenaged daughter Clara, armed with little greater than a compass, red-pepper spray, a revolver, and Clara’s curling iron, set out taking walks from japanese Washington. Their path might go through 14 states, yet they weren't allowed to hold greater than 5 cash each one. As they visited Indian reservations, Western boomtowns, distant ranches and native civic leaders, they faced snowstorms, starvation, thieves and mountain lions with equivalent aplomb.

Their treacherous and inspirational trip to ny challenged modern notions of femininity and captured the general public mind's eye. yet their journey had such devastating results that the Estby women's fulfillment was once protected in silence until eventually, approximately a century later, Linda Lawrence Hunt encountered their striking tale.

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