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Biochemical activities of Hormones V7

summary: Biochemical activities of Hormones V7

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Delayed impairment of neuromuscular transmission in the mouse and rat 2. Induction of prothymocyte cells of nude mice with appearance of cells with TL* Thy Γ phenotype in the spleen and TL" Thy 1+ in lymph nodes 3. Delay the onset and reduce the severity of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in NZB mice 4. Enhance the lower than normal mixed lymphocyte reactivity of lymph node cells of NZB mice with established autoimmune disease 5. Enhance the reduced T-cell-dependent antibody responses of 2-year-old mice Ubiquitin In vitro activities 1.

5 Activity 41 PERIPHERAL LYMPHOID TISSUE THYMOCYTE TdT + Lyt l + 2 + 3 H 0++ FIG. , Ann. Y. Acad. Sei. (1979)]. VI. CONCLUDING COMMENTS The addition of the thymus to the list of endocrine glands is clearly appropriate, since the several postulates for designation of an organ as an endocrine gland (White and Goldstein, 1968) have been satisfactorily documented. The diverse chemical nature of products reported to exhibit biological activities attributed to the thymus, particularly those products of unequivocal chemical homogeneity, lends support to the suggestion (White, 1975a,b) that the thymus gland produces a family of several hormones, each of which may alter the extent of expression of one or more, and possibly all, of the immunological parameters reflecting the significant role of the thymus and its hormonal products in the regulation of host immunological competence.

In "Thymic Hormones" (T. D. ), pp. 39-58. Univ. Park Press, Baltimore, Maryland. Comsa, J. (1977) Pediatrics 33, 439. , and Schwarz, J. A. (1975). Ann. Y. Acad. Sei. 249, 387. -F. (1975). In "The Biological Activity of Thymic Hormones" (D. W. ), pp. 235-243. Kooyker, Rotterdam. , Man, N. -F. (1977). / . Biol. Chem. 252, 8040. Dougherty, T. , and White, A. (1945). Am. J. Anat. 77, 81. , and Horecker, B. L. (1978). Proc. Natl. Acad. Set. A. 75, 6007. , ed. (1975). " New York Acad. , New York. , and Takaoki, M.

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