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By Matthew MacDonald

Starting ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005: From beginner to specialist steers you thru the maze of ASP.NET internet programming techniques. you are going to research language and conception concurrently, gaining knowledge of the middle options essential to advance solid coding practices and increase your ability set.This booklet offers thorough insurance of ASP.NET, guiding you from starting to complex innovations, corresponding to querying databases from inside of an online web page and performance-tuning your website. you will find tips for top practices and accomplished discussions of key database and XML principles.The booklet additionally emphasizes the necessary coding ideas of item orientation and code-behind, with a view to help you construct real-world web pages rather than simply scraping by means of with simplified coding practices. by the point you end this e-book, you might have mastered the middle recommendations necessary to expert ASP.NET builders.

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NET languages are compiled into another lower-level language before the code is executed. This lower-level language is the MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), or just IL. NET, uses only IL code. NET languages are designed based on IL, they all have profound similarities. NET languages provide essentially the same features and performance. In fact, 1. x or VB 2005). NET component in the same way it uses a C# component, and vice versa. NET Framework formalizes this compatibility with something called the CLS (Common Language Specification).

NET Framework are much larger and more ambitious than the VB 6 or C++ runtime. The CLR also provides a whole set of related services such as code verification, optimization, and garbage collection. NET of being a Java clone. The claim is fairly silly. NET is quite similar to Java in key respects (both use a special managed environment and provide features through a rich class library), but it’s also true that every programming language “steals” from and improves on previous programming languages.

In other words, you can update a component many times, and the correct version will be loaded and used for each application. NET without replacing the current version or needing to rewrite your applications. Fewer errors: Whole categories of errors are impossible with the CLR. For example, the CLR prevents many memory mistakes that are possible with lower-level languages such as C++. Along with these truly revolutionary benefits, the CLR has some potential drawbacks. NET code is compiled natively.

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