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By Hannah Velten

Horse-drawn cabs damn down muddy roads, livestock herded in the course of the streets to the Smithfield meat marketplace for slaughter, roosters crowing on the holiday of dawn—London was packed with a cacophony of animal noises (and smells). yet during the last thirty years, town turns out to have banished animals from its streets. In Beastly London, Hannah Velten makes use of quite a lot of basic resources to discover the complicated and altering dating among Londoners of all periods and their animal neighbors.
Velten travels again in historical past to explain a time while Londoners shared their houses with pets and livestock—along with various different pests, vermin, and bedbugs; Londoners imported beasts from all corners of the globe for demonstrate of their houses, zoos, and parks; and ponies flying in scorching air balloons and dancing fleas have been thought of leisure. As she indicates, London remodeled from a urban with a normally exploitative courting with animals to the birthplace of animal welfare societies and animal rights’ campaigns. filled with over 100 illustrations, Beastly London is a revealing examine how animals were critical to the city’s good fortune.

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