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By Tim Chard MD, FRCOG, Richard Lilford MB, BCh, MRCOG, MRCP, PhD (auth.)

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A few small branches run with the round ligament into the superficial inguinal nodes. The Fallopian Tubes The fallopian tubes lie in the upper margin of the broad ligament and are 10 cm long. The abdominal opening is at the base of a trumpet-shaped expansion with a fimbriated edge, the infundibulum; one of the fimbriae is closely applied to the ovary. ood supply is from the uterine arteries (medial two-thirds) and the ovarian arteries (lateral onethird). Venous and lymphatic drainage follow a similar pattern.

Diagrammatic representation of the vasculosyncytial membrane in a portion of a placental villus. The normal term placenta shows perivillous fibrin deposition, and frequently there is evidence of infarction, intervillous thrombosis and calcification, all of no obvious pathological significance. 4). These products are considered to play an important part in adjusting maternal metabolism during pregnancy, though the exact function of individual products is often unclear. In general, the levels of placental steroids are higher in the fetus than in the mother, while the reverse is true for the placental proteins.

17. Section of the presomite embryo at the levef"indicated in Fig. 16. In 1'lg. Further Development of the Embryo 23 These three germ layers then give rise to the various organs and tissues. The ectoderm develops into the entire nervous system, epidermis and lens of the eye. The endoderm develops into the lining of the intestinal and respiratory tracts and associated organs (liver, thyroid, pancreas and lungs). The dermis, skeleton, connective tissue, muscles, vascular and urogenital systems arise from mesoderm.

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