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E. g. g. children's books women's liberation 2. g. g. g. g. g. g. Ceres' Herodotus' Demosthenes' Mars' Venus' Xerxes' Jesus' 'is an accepted liturgical archaism' (Hart's Rules, p. 3l). , in the NEB, John 2: 3). g. g. Ajax's, Berlioz's music, Leibniz's law, Lenz's law. 3. Expressions such as: a fortnight's holiday a pound's worth your money's worth two weeks' holiday two pounds' worth contain possessives and should have apostrophes correctly placed. 4. In I'm going to the butcher's, grocer's, etc.

4. g. matily. 5. g. basically, scientifically. Exceptions: politicly (from the adjective politic, distinguished from politically, from the adjective political), publicly ( ° not publically). 6. , are regular). 7. Final -y is exceptionally changed to i before -ly in daily, gaily (greyly, coyly are regular). 35 -or and -er =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- These two suffixes, denoting 'one who or that which performs (the action of the verb)' are from Latin ( through French) and Old English respectively, but their origin is not a sure guide to their distribution.

4. In I'm going to the butcher's, grocer's, etc. there is a possessive with ellipsis of the word 'shop'. , so that properly an apostrophe is called for. g. Marks and Spencer, J. Sainsbury) the apostrophe would be expected before -s. g. Debenhams, Barclays Bank). No apostrophe is necessary in a Debenhams store or in (go to or take to) the cleaners. 5. The apostrophe must not be used: a. with the plural non-possessive -s: notices such as TEA'S are often seen, but are wrong. b. with the possessive of pronouns: hers, its, ours, theirs, yours; the possessive of who is whose.

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