Download Autostretching : the complete manual of specific stretching by by Olaf Evjenth and Jern Hamberg ; [translated from Swedish PDF

By by Olaf Evjenth and Jern Hamberg ; [translated from Swedish by Michael Brady and Carla Wiberg].

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Over time, small successes added up to great success. In less than a year, Kyle lost eighty pounds. Kyle was so motivated by this that he came to us again, this time to get information on riding a bike. At first we prescribed only flat rides on a mountain bike with slick tires. Kyle showed up in our office a year later and we hardly recognized him. He came in dressed like a Tour de France rider and rolling a nice road bike, ready for some testing to track his performance. His weight was down to 180 pounds.

An unbelievable number of them come back after six months with a long face and a shrug. “I didn’t improve as much as I expected to,” they say. So we ask, “How did you do with this part of the plan? ” “Well, I didn’t really follow the program because you know Tuesdays there’s a group of friends I walk with who go at a different pace than the plan,” they say. ” And we think, So basically you’re telling me that for six months you did exactly what you were doing before coming here. And you wonder why you didn’t improve?

Once you begin to get fit, it’s easy to forget where you started. People are quick to put out of their minds how slow or out of shape they once were. Or they say, “I was hoping I would get even faster or lose more weight,” because their improvements were not as steep or as fast as they predicted. We have to remind them: “Remember when you came here last time you weren’t able to jog three and a half miles an hour. ” Along the way, remember that any improvement is improvement, and that fitness isn’t always a dramatic achievement, as it seems in commercials for exercise machines.

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