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By Social Science Research Council, National Research Council, American Council on Education, American Council of Learned Sciences, Committee on an Assessment of Quality-Related Characteristics of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States

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Second, the “influence” measure should not be interpreted as an indicator of the impact of articles by individual authors. Rather it is a measure of the impact of the journals in which articles associated with a particular program have been published. Citation counts, with all their difficulties, would have been preferable since they are attributable to individual authors and they register the impact of books as well as journal articles. However, the difficulty and cost of assembling reliable counts of articles by individual author made their use infeasible.

Please use the print version of this publication as the authoritative version for attribution. METHODOLOGY 30 especially when the distribution of the measure being examined is highly skewed. 1 as follows: Program A B C D Raw Value 1 5 22 38 Standardized Value 37 38 41 43 Although programs C and D have many times the number of articles as programs A and B, the differences reported on a standardized scale appear to be small. Thus, the reader is urged to take note of the raw values before attempting to interpret differences in the standardized values given for two or more programs.

California, University of-Los Angeles 43 142 Chemistry 71 71 024. California, University of-Riverside 18 28 Chemistry 45 45 025. California, University of-San Diego 31 51 Chemistry 58 50 026. California, University of-Santa Barbara 26 63 Chemistry 53 53 027. Carnegie-Mellon University 22 32 Chemistry 49 46 028. Case Western Reserve University 19 62 Chemistry 46 53 029. Catholic University of America 12 23 Chemistry 39 44 030. Chicago, University of 28 76 Chemistry 55 56 031. Cincinnati, University of 29 39 Chemistry 56 47 032.

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