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By Barry Clarke

Amphibian /Амфибии
Лягушки, жабы, тритоны, саламандры и многое другое.
Потрясающий выбор цветов, форм, размеров и места обитания.
Они живут как в воде так и на суше , двигаются и плавают .
В книге серии фотографий этих существ .
Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available a gorgeous array of colours, shapes, sizes and habitats.
They stay either in water and on land and stream in a very good number of methods from swimming, to hopping or even flying.
With a chain of specifically commissioned photos, Amphibian seems in close-up on the attention-grabbing traditional heritage of those creatures from the brilliant green,
red-eyed tree frogs to boring, burrowing, worm-like caecilians from startling black and yellow fireplace salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

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Orange striped newt MUD PUPPY The North American mud puppy is a permanent neotenic (pp. 12–13) larval species that may take up to six years to reach sexual maturity. Mud puppies have large, deep red gills, four toes on each foot, and are related€to the European olm. S. and may grow to 30 in (75 cm) long. They are totally aquatic, living in fast-flowing streams and rivers, and are related to the Chinese and Japanese giant salamanders (pp. 10–11). 49 Hellbender Life in the trees AT HOME IN THE TREES These two young White’s tree frogs from Australia show the alert appearance of tree frog species.

When colors develop, the poison develops too TOXIC TADPOLES INSECT SIZE AND SOUND Yellow and black are warning colors, as in this poison-dart frog and in the fire salamander (pp. 75 in, 2 cm), this species was discovered in 1980 in isolated patches of forests in the Andes Mountains. Its scientific name means “buzzer,” after its insect-like call. 7 5 Poison-dart frogs carry their tadpoles, often one at a time, to small isolated pools, where they develop their colors and skin poisons as they grow.

The eggs hatch about six days after fertilization. ” The male’s arms grasp the female behind her front legs, as shown here; in other species, the male may grasp her in front of the hind legs or around her head. Amplexus can last for several days. In this position, the male fertilizes the eggs as they are laid. €36–37). Tadpole’s tail is longer than its€body Four newly hatched tadpoles Tail of tadpole Gills 3 Mouth Tadpole swims by wriggling its long tail Tail still very long JUST HATCHED After€hatching,€the€tadpole feeds on the remaining yolk in its gut.

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