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By Clara Dillingham Pierson, C. Gordon F.

Tales of animals of the evening for childrens, concerning the actions of raccoons, skunks, moths, foxes, fireflies, and weasels. considering that we won't comprehend animal language, the writer depicts the animals speaking to one another in English, yet she does it so skillfully possible that they're utilizing their very own methods of speaking via voice and gesture.

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I wouldn't count on doing that. " She waved her feelers upward as she spoke, and they noticed that heavy black clouds were piling up in the sky. Even as they looked the moon was hidden and the wind began to stir the branches of the trees. " answered the Oldest Brother. "Guess we can take care of ourselves. " Then he tried to crawl out of his old skin. The Mosquito Mother stayed until she had laid all the eggs she wanted to, and then flew away. Not one of the Pupæ had been willing to listen to her, although some of the sisters might have done so if their brothers had not made fun of them.

When the sunbeams came more and more slantingly through the trees, the Chickens felt less and less like running around. Their tiny legs were tired and they liked to cuddle down on the grass in the shadow of the coop. Then the Speckled Hen often clucked to them to come in and rest, but they liked it better in the open air. The Speckled Hen would also have liked to be out of the coop, yet the farmer kept her in. He knew what was best for Hens with little Chickens, and also what was best for the tender young lettuce and radishes in his garden.

And the smallest one added: "Why, you are, too! " "Well, I don't care," said the brother. "I'm not afraid of people, anyhow. " cried each of the sisters. " Then they all trembled together. "I tell you what let's do," said the smallest sister. " They did this and felt better. They even played that they heard the few noises of the night-time. A Crow cawed outside, and the brother said, "Did you hear that Owl? " "Yes," answered the big sister. " So they amused themselves and each other, and really got along very well except when, once in a while, they opened their eyes a little crack to see if it were not getting really dark.

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