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By C. L. Young, P. G. T. Fogg

This quantity provides a finished assortment and significant assessment of solubility information released ahead of June 1983 for the compounds of the identify. quite a few strategies have been utilized in the unique determinations; the benefits of those were thought of within the evaluate of the knowledge. rising styles of solubility behaviour for similar platforms are indicated. The editors think that the publication will either draw cognizance to parts the place sturdy facts are missing and stimulate extra experimental paintings.

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Densities of solutions were measured with a Pyknometer. SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS; 1. Obtained from a cylinder; passed over CaO. 2. p. 330. ESTIMATED ERROR: REFERENCES: 38 A m m o n i a Solubilities COMPONENTS: 1. Ammonia; ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: NH3; Kuznetsov, A. ; [7664-41-7] 2. ; Gogoleva, T. V. alcohols Zh. Fiz. Khim. 1968, 42, 982-3 (Russ. J. Phys. Chem. 1968 , 42 , 510-11). VARIABLES: PREPARF:D BY: P. G. T. ,^^ ,mol , NHa/ solv. 25 Solvent The authors stated that the total pressure was varied from about 100 mmHg to about 800 mmHg but only solubilities at = 760 mmHg were reported.

15 W. 2020 AUXILIARY INFORMATION METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE: SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: 1. Liquid Carbonic. 99 per cent. apparatus was employed. Degassed solvent contacted the gas while 2. Canlab. 8 constant rate, through an absorption spiral into a solution buret. A per cent. constant solvent flow was obtained by means of a calibrated syringe pump. The solution at the end of the spiral was considered saturated. 01 rate. The solubility was calculated from the constant slope of volume of gas dissolved and volume of REFERENCES: solvent injected.

Details of BaO; distilled. the apparatus are given in ref. ESTIMATED ERROR: REFERENCES: 1. ; "Solubility of Gases and Liquids"^ Plenum Press, New York, 1976, p . 3 . ; Hayduk, W. [ 7 6 6 4 - 4 1 - 7 ] C^H^QO; J. Chem. [ 7 1 - 3 6 - 3 ] VARIABLES: Eng. Data 1983, PREPARED BY: 2 6 3 . 1 5 - 3 3 3 . 1 5 P/kPa: W. Hayduk 1 0 1 . 3 2 5 EXPERIMENTAL VALUES: T/K Ostwald Coefficient^ a/cm 3 cm-3 L/cm^ Mole Fraction^ Bunsen Coefficient^ (STP)cm-^ atm-^ 2 6 3 . 2 0 . 4 7 2 ( 0 . 4 7 2 1 ) 3 2 9 8 . 217 ( 0 .

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