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By Sherryl Woods

While Gracie MacDougal returns to Seagull element, Virginia, looking to reform her workaholic methods, she discovers greater than rest. The picturesque city calls to her, as does the waterfront Victorian condo she envisions because the excellent bed-and-breakfast. yet one individual stands among Gracie and her new goal…and he is not budging.Southern charmer Kevin Daniels is not attracted to promoting Gracie's dream apartment, yet he is certainly attracted to whatever else…her. attractive the uptight businesswoman into letting down her hair turns into his new undertaking in lifestyles, yet past that? He already has means too many of us reckoning on him, and has no purpose of including one more.Gracie's now not searching for a house. Kevin's no longer searching for a spouse. yet occasionally even the simplest intentions can finally end up going splendidly awry.

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You’ll learn, André. You’ll learn. ” “Perhaps you’re right,” she conceded. “If I’m doing my job, then the guests will take it for granted. ” André asked, regarding her intently. ” Gracie fought a chuckle and lost. “That he is, André. ” Handsome, distinguished, and annoying, Maximillian Devereaux was, in Gracie’s opinion, more of an accountant than a hotelier. If the books balanced, he wouldn’t care if there was a layer of dust an inch thick on the gleaming antique tabletops in the lobby. His attitude and the battles it engendered were beginning to take a toll.

One of these days he was simply going to pummel some sense into the overgrown jerk, just as he’d tried to do on more than one occasion when they were kids. Come to think of it, it hadn’t worked then, either. Instead, he leveled a look straight into his cousin’s eyes. ” he asked, his tone icy. Not even Bobby Ray was able to mistake the fact that he’d gone too far. “Forget it,” he grumbled. “Just forget I stopped by. ” As if I could, Kevin thought as his cousin stormed out of the house. The wills of various and sundry uncles had made sure of that.

Before she knew it, she had a whole handful. ” the man behind the counter asked when he saw the collection of paint chips. Gracie grinned. “No way. I have another project I’ve been thinking about, that’s all. It probably won’t come to anything. ” “That’s what they’re there for. Let us know if there’s anything you need. I’ve got a fellow working for me who takes on odd jobs painting. Needs the extra money. ” “Thanks. ” On her way home, she stopped in front of the old Victorian once again. This time, though, she opened the rusty gate and stepped through.

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