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By Roger William Babcock; Raymond Walton; American Society of Civil Engineers.; Environmental and Water Resources Institute (U.S.)

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Such wounds would include pressure wounds, minor burns, abrasions, or graft donor sites. Hydrocolloids can be used in the inflammatory and repair stages of healing. In the inflammatory stage they promote autolytic debridement, and in the repair stage they stimulate granulation 15 tissue, collagen syntheses, and epithelialization. However, wound contraction may be slowed by the dressing adherence to periwound skin. The dressings should not be used in infected wounds producing large amounts of exudate.

The pad is then placed over the prominence with the hole over the prominence. Secondary and tertiary bandage wraps hold the pad in place (Figure 2-5A-D). g. lateral/medial malleolus, calcaneal tuberosity, carpal pad). A variant of the “donut” bandage principle has been employed to relieve pressure on the paw pads. This technique uses medium density open-cell foam of a special type used in aircraft seat padding (Confor™ Foam, HiTech Foams, Lincoln NE). Two configurations have proven effective to relieve pressure on a metacarpal or metatarsal pad: an oblong piece of foam is cut to cover the entire palmar or plantar paw surface and a hole is cut in it in the area over the metatarsal or metacarpal wound; the foam is then incorporated into the bandage.

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