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By Sterling Chaykin (auth.), Seymour Rothchild (eds.)

Radioactive tracers have had a profound effect on clinical examine up to now 20 years, really in bio­ chemistry and allied fields. The speedy evolution of refined instrumentation and labeling options in past times ten years has made attainable on a regimen foundation exquisitly delicate experiments which with different strategies will require her­ culean efforts at the a part of the investigator. The Symposia on Advances in Tracer method, which were held usually considering that 1957, offer for examine staff in biochemistry, pharmacology, endocrinology, and drugs a spotlight at the various advancements within the tracer box which are often scattered in the course of the clinical literature. quantity three is arecord of the complaints of the 9th and 10th Symposia, that have been subsidized by means of the hot England Nuclear company and the Packard device corporation, Inc. fresh advances in tracer method, as mirrored via the papers during this quantity, were in general serious about im­ proved analytical suggestions, corresponding to liquid scintillation count number­ ing, autoradiography, and chromatography, and with novel ap­ plications of categorised compounds in biochemical and medical problems.

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First, the tracer technique is one of the most widely used methods for studying the fate of drugs in the organism. Since a large number of drugs are benzene derivatives, the simplest and quiekest way to prepare labeled compounds is often to use radioactive benzene. Furthermore , labeling of the benzene ring has proved to be preferable to labeling of other positions in the moleeule, because the benzene nucleus is very stable in biological processes. An additional reason for the importance of benzene - or, rather , for the importance of finding a good method of preparing labeled benzene - is the carbon and tritium dating technique.

30 4 3 1 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 Time (hr) -40 -40 50 25 40 25 0 -35 -45 -80 25 Temperature (deg C) 99 75 traces traces traces 10 10 17 25 33 25 50 25 traces 100 99 99 90 90 90 83 75 67 75 50 (0/0 in mixture) 67 75 no acid traces unreduced ester 100 unreduced ester 33 25 100 mixture) Et-C0 2H (0/0 in Allyl aleohol (0/0 in mixture) n-PrOH Nonreduced products Acrylic acid (0/0 in mixture) Products of reduction Table 1. LiAIH4 Reduction of CH2=CH-CO-R ti [Jl 8- 0 C 0 ,g Cl P- (1) (1) - t""' po 0"' .......

13. , Monatsber. Deut. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 5:299 (1963). 14. , Chem. Ber. 95:2557 (1962). 15. Straub, W•• Biochem. Z. 28:392 (1910). 16. , International Conference on Medicina1 Plant Research, Sofia (September 16-18, 1963). 17. Rabitzsch, G•• Naturwissenschaften 50:225 (1963). A SIMPLE METHOD OF PREPARING LABELED BENZENE K. Schmid, H. Fürer, and G. Dändliker eISA Research Laboratories Basel, Switzerland Among the organic compounds which may be employed as starting materials for radioactive syntheses, labeled benzene occupies an important position for several reasons.

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