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By P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, D. Gambi (auth.), D. Gambi, P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, U. Ecari (eds.)

P.A. MURARO, A. LUGARESI, D. GAMBI a number of the pathological elements of a number of sclerosis (MS) lesions were recognized for over a century. it's only lately, even if, that diverse styles of demyelination were associated with specific pathways of immune-mediated tissue destruction. specifically, the inter-individual heterogeneity of MS lesions has instructed that assorted mechanisms may well act in several sufferers, accounting for the range saw in medical direction, immunological findings in peripheral blood and cere­ brospinal fluid (CSF), and reaction to immunomodulatory remedies. to supply an summary of the elemental mechanisms very likely serious about MS lesion initiation and improvement, a global assembly used to be geared up within the context of the once a year Congress of the Italian Neuroimmunology organization (AINI), held on the college of Chieti, in Chieti Italy on 29 October 1998. The excessive commonplace of displays brought on us to file them in prolonged shape, to spotlight fresh professional­ gress within the figuring out of uncomplicated mechanisms maintaining MS immuno­ pathogenesis. A crucial function within the attainable mechanisms resulting in myelin destruc­ tion has been attributed to T lymphocytes reactive to myelin antigens. stories at the myelin antigen-specific T cellphone repertoire have contributed major advances to our wisdom of autoimmunity (Chapters 1,2).

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Conclusions Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate the local immune status of the CNS is by far incomplete. Recently it became apparent that neurons are of central importance to this process, with intact neuronal innervation being essential for the maintenance of the immune privileged status of the CNS. Electrically active neurons reduce MHC inducibility on themselves as well as on neighboring glial cells. However, as soon as the innervation is altered, immune responsiveness increases.

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J Chern Neuroanat 6:276-275 Raivich G, Jones LL, Kloss CUA, Werner A, Neumann H, Kreutzberg GW (1998) Immune surveillance in the injured nervous system: T lymphocytes invade the axotomized mouse facial motor nucleus and aggregate around sites of neuronal degeneration. J Neurosci 18:5804-5816 Maehlen J, Olsson T, Zachau A, Klareskog L, Kristenssen K (1989) Local enhancement of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and class II expression and cell infiltration in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis around axotomized motor neurons.

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