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By J. Chen, Y. Wang, Simon Duffy MA DMS PhD, G. Shen, L.P. Dobrzhinetskaya

High-pressure mineral physics is a box that's strongly pushed through the advance of latest expertise. Fifty years in the past, whilst experimentally a possibility pressures have been restricted to only 25 GPa, little used to be learn about the mineralogy of the Earth's reduce mantle. Silicate perovskite, the most likely dominant mineral of the deep Earth, was once pointed out in basic terms while the high-pressure strategies broke the strain barrier of 25 GPa in Seventies. even though, because the greatest plausible strain reached past one Megabar (100 GPa) or even to the strain of Earth's center on minute samples, new discoveries more and more have been fostered by means of the improvement of recent analytical concepts and enhancements in sensitivity and precision of present suggestions.

The publication involves six sections which staff the papers in response to their major issues: a) Elastic and Anelastic homes; b) Rheology; c) soften and Glass houses; d) Structural and Magnetic houses; e) Diffraction and Spectroscopy; f) strain Calibration and new release. As many papers hide a number of themes, readers could locate papers of curiosity in several sections. All papers are ready with emphasis on technical information compatible for a technical reference. Many online software program assets also are indexed in as unique a way as attainable. in spite of the fact that, the URL of the software program websites will be topic to alter unexpectedly. * state-of-the-art in a crucial department of geophysics, particularly the experimental choice of fabric habit on the severe stipulations of planetary interiors * Emphasis on technical information compatible for a technical reference * comprises many online software program assets

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In: Kingslow, R. ), High-Pressure Impact Phenomena. Academic, Orlando, FL, pp. 244 –419. , 2000. Raman spectroscopy of iron to 152 gigapascals: implications for Earth’s inner core. Science 288, 1626 –1629. , 2004. Melting of iron at the physical conditions of the Earth’s core. Nature 427, 339 –342. , 2001. On optical phonons and elasticity in the hcp transition metals Fe, Ru and Re at high pressure. Europhys. Lett. 53, 504– 510. , 1979. , Bo¨rnstedt, L. (Eds), Elastic Piezoelectric Pyroelectric Piezooptic Electrooptic Constants and Non-linear Dielectric Susceptibilities of Crystals, New Series III, Vol.

The shear velocity of Co is almost independent of density when approaching the hcp – fcc transition and in the transition region. We used the EOS of hcp Co when determining the sound velocities at the 1200 13 Fe Bulk modulus (GPa) Density (g/cm3) 1000 Co 12 11 10 Co 800 Fe 600 Co 400 9 200 0 50 100 150 Pressure (GPa) 200 0 50 100 150 200 Pressure (GPa) Figure 8. Equation of state of Fe after Mao et al. (1990) and Co after Yoo et al. (2000). Solid line – Fe, dashed gray line – Co. C. F. M. Zaug Aggregate sound velocity (Km/s) 10 8 ε-Fe 6 ε-Co α-Fe 4 8 9 10 11 12 Density (g/cm3) Figure 9.

A) Shear and compressional aggregate elastic constants of polycrystalline iron (solid circles and solid line) as a function of pressure. , 2001) (We obtained a shear modulus from the compressional velocities reported by Fiquet et al. (2001) using the equation of state reported by Mao et al. (1990). Open hexagon – recent improved IXS data on Fe – Antonangeli et al. (2004b). The thick gray dashed-dot line is the result of Raman measurements from Merkel et al. (2000). The values at approximately 5 GPa (solid diamonds) were obtained in the bcc phase and are compared with the results of a neutron scattering study (Klotz and Braden, 2000) (dashed lines).

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