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(from preface)Volume fifty one of Advancesconsists of 3 chapters, V. V. Mezheritskii and V. V. Tkachenko (Rostov-on-Don, U.S.S.R.) evaluation the synthesis of peri-annelated heterocycles, a wide and fascinating category which has no longer formerly been taken care of in a scientific style. R. M. Acheson (Oxford, U.K.) offers the 1st specific survey of l-hydroxypyrroles and their benzo derivatives, compounds which convey an enticing and weird chemistry. eventually, B. A. Trofimov (Irkutsk, U.S.S.R.) describes the mini-fold preparative chance for pyrroles from ketoximes and acetylenes, a response came across through Trofimov and constructed through him right into a most vital access into pyrrole chemistry.Volume fifty one must have been an ''Index Volume,'' and certainly the indices have been already in a complicated level, whilst severe disease within the indexer's speedy relatives avoided their inclusion during this quantity. they'll look in a later quantity.

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Me M\ X P : 2/C ) H )T 2s 0 H . A (258) F: \ , ’ (259) The analogous principle of heterocyclization was used in the synthesis of naphtho[bc]pyran-2-one261from pen-methoxynaphthylacetic acid 260, which was obtained from 8-methoxytetralone (76JA4276). Pyronoan- Sec. D] 0 a Me0 47 PERI-ANNELATED HETEROCYCLES 0 l)BrCH2C02R/ Zn . B r:2 M o& J AcOH, A 2) S, A;3) H 2 0 / 0 H - (260) (261 throne 262, which has a I , 10-anthraquinonoid structure, is formed from anthraquinonyl-I-acetic acid on acidic catalysis (76ZOR204I ; 78ZOR1535).

Thus, on heating perchlorates of 5-alkoxy-I-aminonaphthalene 125 (R = Me, Et) with alkyl carboxylic anhydrides in the presence of catalytic ammounts of perchloric acid, N-protonated 2-alkyl-benzo[cd]indolium - OR (126) 24 V. V. MEZHERITSKII AND V. V. TKACHENKO [Sec. B salts 126 have been obtained (80ZOR1958). Acylation of l-acetylamino-5alkoxynaphthalenes 127 ( R = H) with aliphatic anhydrides in the presence of perchloric acid (80ZOR1958; 83MI2) or with dichloromethyl ethyl ether (86ZOR2394) or aromatic acid chlorides (81ZOR1998) in the presence of AlC1, leads to N-acetylbenzo[cd]indolium salts 128 (R’ = H, Alk, Ar).

V. MEZHERITSKII AND V. V . TKACHENKO [Sec. D c. Nuphrho[bc]pyridines. In Sections II,D,l,a and b, principles of heteroring attachment to the naphthalene nucleus using the Dieckmann reaction and other similar intramolecular condensations of dicarbonylnaphthalene derivatives are applied to the synthesis of 1Hnaphtho[bc]pyridines. In the anthraquinone series, interactions I (313) (312) of I-aminoanthraquinones 314 (R = H,Alk, Ar) with carbonyl reagents have been used to prepare so-called anthrapyridones 316 and 318 [55GEP930042;61CB3I19; 72KGS1651; 74KGS679, 74ZOR838; 76ZOR177,76ZOR1106; 771JC(B)895;80ZOR160,80ZOB230;83MI11.

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