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For it will be impossible to move towards the innovative policies demanded for the remainder of this century without taking into full account what that process will require of women, who constitute the majority of the adult population of the developing world and who have been the classic non-participants in development. In their condition is found both a rationale and a catalyst for change. For some of the most compelling evidence of the failure of western models to solve the human problems of the 1960s and 1970s related to women; and this fact alone, if no other, constitutes reason enough for re-evaluation and redirection of these models.

The nation must encourage and motivate each individual to enable him to freely and willingly take part in the development of his country. To fulfil this prerequisite takes time and requires plans, programmes and projects which should not be imposed. On the contrary, they should be derived from a concerted effort on the part of everyone, and should aim for the true involvement of the people at all stages from design to implementation. Therefore, the idea is not only to disseminate new techniques.

In Third World countries such work often has to be done by someone, or some organization. It will simply be a matter of organization and efficiency whether it is done by people called "community development workers", or "political education officers", or "adult teachers". What is important is that it is done, and that all should recognize it as a necessary basis for all other developmental and educational activities. The same thing is true of what I would call the second stage of adult education.

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