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By Gerd Plewig MD, Albert M. Kligman MD, PhD (auth.)

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The seeds of this convention have been sown with the booklet through Press, in 1965, of a paper during which he advised that the displacement box as a result of a massive earthquake might expand over a lot higher distances than have been inspiration attainable ahead of. in a while, Mansinha and Smylie mentioned that if Press used to be right then, because the redistri­ bution of important amounts of mass used to be concerned, the inertia tensor of the earth will be altered and hence reason the earth to wobble; this revived the concept that earth­ quakes could be the lengthy sought resource for preserving the Chandler Wobble.

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20 Generally speaking, there is a good correlation between gland size and secretory activity. Facial oiliness is associated with large glands. Children have tiny glands and the casual lipid levels on the surface are thus very low. This rule, however, has qualifications. After middle age, especially in men, the facial glands tend to get larger, often becoming quite huge after 65 years of age. However, sebum production does not increase and indeed usually decreases. This is clearly a consequence of decreased mitotic activity.

It turns out that this takes two to three weeks, depending of course on the size of the gland (cells have further to go in big glands). Replacement of the living portion of the facial epidermis is much shorter, closer to a week. Elsewhere than on the head, the back for instance, the viable epidermis is replaced in about fourteen days, to which must be added about another two weeks for the cells to move 21 through the horny layer, a month in all for renewal of the entire epidermis. , production of lipid cells is increased.

Derm. 56, 127-131 (1971). : The skin microflora in acne vulgaris. J. invest. Derm. 62, 37-41 (1974). : Corynebacterium acnes and other anaerobic diphtheroids from human skin. J. Med. Microbiol. 7, 349-357 (1974). : Microbiology of comedones in acne vulgaris. J. invest. Derm. 60, 80-83 (1973). : Characteristics of the extracellular lipases from Corynebacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis. J. invest. Derm. 63, 231-238 (1974). : Dermal hypersensitivity of patients with acne vulgaris to Corynebacterium aenes.

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