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By John Stevens Henslow

John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861), a scholar of Adam Sedgwick, turned Professor of Mineralogy at Cambridge in 1822. He quickly moved to a chair in Botany, and have become a instructor and mentor to Charles Darwin. This publication on mineralogy used to be first released in 1823. It used to be meant to avoid wasting time in school via supplying an simply available connection with the composition of varied minerals in accordance with the foundations of atomic concept, which used to be then getting into the medical mainstream. In that paradigm, research and exam of any mineral's composition concerned first ascertaining the mineral's trouble-free molecules, either 'essential' and 'accidental', and moment, choosing the proportions during which the fundamental materials mixed to shape the integrant molecule of the mineral. Henslow's e-book will curiosity historians of technological know-how tracing the improvement of atomic conception, and people operating extra largely within the heritage of collage schooling and the highbrow weather of the 19th century.

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G. 706 to 5. Of Arsenic Acid. Species 3. Sulphuret of Arsenic—Realgar. Then. Klap. Theory. i. 58 + II. Prim. Oblique rhomboidal prism, in. Crystals 3. Acicular—concretionary — disseminated—amorphous, iv. G. 35. ix. Its uses among the Chinese—Paint. Species 4. — Orpiment. Klap. Then. Theory. 75 + 1 i. 24 + 2 HI. Laminar—disseminated—amorphous, iv. G. = 3 . 4522. ix. Uses among the Turks—Paint—preparation of artificial orpiment. GENUS VI. MOLYBDENUM. S. G. = ?. to 8 . —Molybdic Acid. LECTURES ON MINERALOGY.

C) Compact—Asphalt. G. 6. Mineral Resins. (a) Amber—Electrum. in. Amorphous—Stalactitic. iy. G. 085. (b) Fossil Copal—-Highgate Resin. in. Amorphous. iv. G. 046. (c) Retinasphalt. Coals. (a) Jet. (6) Cannel Coal—39 to 75 percent, of Carbon, with Bituminous oil and earth. iv. G. 2. (c) Common Coal—Black Coal. i. Carbon 56 . 8 + Asphalt and Maltha 43. iv. S. G. 2 to 1 . 3 . (d) Lignite—Brown Coal. APPENDIX Carbonic Acid. III. 10 A SYLLABUS OF GENUS III. Species I. BORON. Boracic Acid. Gmelin. Berz.

Symetrical symmetrical. :: 1000 : 1 :: 1: 1000symetrical symmetrical. 5 SI OF LECTURES ON MINERALOGY. of Natural History into three branches— subdivision into two—distinction between organized and unorganized bodies—Minerals, simple and compound. Elementary bodies — compound substances. Definition of a simple Mineral—integrant molecule —component (or elementary) molecules. Ex. gr. Sulphuret of Iron—carbonate of Lime. Definition of a compound Mineral—ex. gr. Granite. Distinction between Mineralogy and Geology— mode of pursuing the study of Mineralogy—want of a precise arrangement—number of species inconsiderable.

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