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By Sálim Ali

For ornithologists, average heritage fans, environmentalists, and beginner birdwatchers, this revised variation of a 1983 booklet is vital because the in basic terms single-volume advisor on hand of birds in India. not like comparable books, which simply hide one zone or even then just a small element of species of their sector, this quantity contains the entire chook species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American chook painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared by way of relatives in systematic order, and the writer offers concise info referring to prestige, dimension, habitat, and distribution.

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Nesc lypically purse-shaped, pcndant, often wilh a porch overhanging the lateral entrance. Eggs, 1-3. 1906. ~ 1907, 1908. PURPLERUMPED SUNBIRD Necrarinia zevlonica 1909. SMALL SUNBIRD Necrurinia rninirnn Plate 97(3) 97(4) 97(7) 1910. VAN HASSELT'S SUNBIRD Nectarinia sperata 1911, 1912. LOTEN'S SUNBIRD Nectarinia lotenia 1913. OLIVEBACKED SUNBIRD Nectarinia jugularis 1917. PURPLE SUNBIRD Nectarinia asiatica 1919. MRS GOULD'S SUNBIRD Aethopyga gouldiae 1923. NEPAL YELLOWBACKED SUNBIRD Aelhopyga nipalen~ ii~ 1925.

PADDYFELD WARBLER Acrocephalus agricola 1562. BOOTED WARBLER Hippolais caligata 1564. UPCHER'S WARBLER Hippolais languida 1564a. BARRED WARBLER Sylvia nisoria Plate 87(7) 87(5) 87(11) 87(10) 87(13) 87(15) 87(8) 87(9) 89(10) 89(22) 89(20) 88(16) 88(17) 89(8) 88(15) 89(7) 89(12) 88(14) 88(13) 89(13) 89(14) 89(15) 89(19) 89(11) 89(17) 89(16) 89(18) 89(21) 91(11) 91(14) 91(12) 89(1) 89(9) 89(3) 89(4) 89(2) 89(6) 89(5) 87(14) 87(19) 87(12) 87(18) 87(16) 87(17) 900) 90(1) 88(l) 1565. ORPHEAN WARBLER Sylvia horrensis 1566.

BARN OWL Tyro alba 608. GRASS OWL Tyto capensis 54(17) 609. BAY OWL Phodilus badius 54(15) 612. SPOTTED SCOPS OWL Olus spilocephalrrs 54(2) 614. STRIATED or PALLID SCOPS OWL Orus brucei MU) 617. SCOPS OWL Olus scops 54(3) 623.. COLLARED SCOPS OWL Otus bakkamoena 54(4) 627. EAGLE-OWL or GREAT HORNED OWL Bubo bubo 53(1) 628. FOREST EAGLE-OWL Bubo nipalensis 53(2) 630. DUSKY HORNED OWL Bubo coromandus 53(3) 631. BROWN FISH OWL Bubo zeylonensis 53(8) 633. TAWNY FISH OWL Buboflavipes 53(11) 635. COLLARED PIGMY OWLET Glaucidium brodiei 54 (7) 636.

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