Download A Pictorial Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick PDF

By Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick

This finished ebook depicts all fowl species chanced on at the Indian Subcontinent. The entries are prepared familywise on 106 color plates which stick with one another in systematic order and are hence effortless to discover. fantastically illustrated by way of the yank chicken painter, John Henry Dick, the publication presents concise details referring to prestige, measurement, habitat and distribution inside subcontinental limits. The textual content has additionally been thoroughly revised and up-to-date with loads of new data.
(Иллюстрированный цветной атлас птиц Индийского субконтинента)

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891. 892. 894. 895. 897. 899. 901. 902. 903. 907. EL. SINGING BUSH LARK Mirafra javanica BUSH LARK Mirafra assamica Ssp. aJJinis of 873. REDWINGED BUSH LARK Mirafra erythroptera ASHYCROWNED FINCH-LARK Eremopterix grisea BLACK CROWNED FINCH-LARK Eremopterix nigriceps DESERT FINCH-LARK Ammomanes deserti BARTALLED DESERT LARK Ammomanes cincturus RUFOUSTAILED FINCH-LARK Ammomanes phoenicurus BIFASClATED or LARGE DESERT LARK Alaernon alarrdipes SHORT-TOED LARK Calandrella cinerea LESSER SHORT-TOED LARK Calandrella rufescens SAND LARK Calandrella raytal EASTERN CALANDRA LARK Melanocorypha bimocrilata LONGBILLED CALANDRA LARK Melanocorypha maxima Ssp.

T~inercw 78(7) I 7 . CHESTNUT-HEADED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe casraneceps 78(6) 1381. WHITEBROWED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe vinipecfus 78(14) 1385. GREY -HEADED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe cinereiceps 78(10) 1297. 1299. 1300. 1303. 1304. 1306. 1307. 1309. 1314. 13 17. 1318. 13 19. 1320. 132 1 . 1322. 1324. 1326. 1331. 1333. 1336. 1338. 1339. 1340. 1341. 1343. 1345. 1346. 1347. 1348. 1352. 1355. 1357. 1359. 1362. 1365. 1366. 1368. 1372. 1373. 1374. 1375. 1376. 1378. 1386. 1388. 1390. 1392. 1395. 1396. 1399. 1400. 1401.

1023. 1024. JAY Garrrrlirs glandarirts BLACKTHROATED JAY Garrrrlrrs lanceolafrrs GREEN MAGPIE C i s . ~ achinensis CEYLON MAGPIE Cissa ornara Plate 70(2) 70( 1) 700) Plate 1025. YELLOWBILLED BLUE MAGPIE Cissa flavirosfris 70(6) 1027. REDBILLED BLUE MAGPIE Cissa erythrorhyncha 70(7) 1029. WHlTERUMPED MAGPIE Pica pica 700) 1032. INDIAN TREE PIE Dendrociffa vagabunda 70(10) 1035. BLACKBROWED TREE PIE Dendrociffafrontalis 70(11) 1036. WHITEBELLIED TREE PIE Dendrocitfa leucogasfra 70(9) 1038. HIMALAYAN TREE PIE Dendrocitta formosae 70(8) 1040.

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