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By Andrew J. Barker

Structured within the kind of a dichotomous key, reminiscent of these frequent in botany, the mineral key offers an effi cient and systematic method of deciding upon rock-forming minerals in thin-section. This special approach covers a hundred and fifty+ of the main as a rule encountered rock-forming minerals, plus a couple of rarer yet noteworthy ones. Illustrated in complete color, with 330+ prime quality mineral photomicrographs from a global selection of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, it additionally presents a complete atlas of rock-forming minerals in thin-section.

Commencing with a short creation to mineral platforms, and the houses of minerals in plane-polarised and cross-polarised mild, the mineral key additionally comprises line drawings, tables of mineral homes and an interference color chart, to extra relief mineral id. To minimise the opportunity of misidentification, and permit much less skilled petrologists to take advantage of the most important with self assurance, the most important has been prepared to prioritise these homes which are most simply recognised.

Designed for simplicity and simplicity of use, it truly is basically aimed toward undergraduate and postgraduate scholars of mineralogy and petrology, yet also needs to offer a necessary resource of reference for all practicing geologists facing rock thinsections and their interpretation.

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21b). When measuring extinction of multiple lamellar twinned plagioclase, look for crystals with equal illumination when in N-S position relative to cross-wires (Fig. 22b), then rotate left and right in turn (Fig. 22a-c) to measure extinction angle of each twin set. If the crystal is to be regarded as reliable for extinction angle determination, the value obtained turning left should be the same or very close to the value obtained when turning right. In this example the extinction angle is 38° indicating the plagioclase in question is a Ca-rich labradorite (An68), bordering on bytownite.

Parallel α, β, γ = optic axes (and refractive indices) δ = birefringence value Δ = retardation value +ve = positive - ve = negative 2V = optic axial angle birefr. = birefringence brn. = brown c'less. = colourless clv. = cleavage(s) grn. = green interf. = interference L/W = length/width ratio of prismatic crystals met. = metamorphism Mod = moderate NA = Numerical Aperture (of objective lens) ord. = order pleochr. = pleochroism RI = refractive index RL = reflected light rlf. = relief x, y, z = crystallographic axes yell.

PPL 82 RIEBECKITE(◻) x100 Rbk Riebeckite (end-section) in sodic granite; Drammen, Norway. 10 11 Section 1: 2 (or 3) cleavage traces 39 11 Green, yellow-green, blue-green pleochroism Brown, greenish brown, yellow-brn, red-brown pleochroism 12 13 12 Typical amphibole 6-sided diamond-shaped end-section (1e) well developed cleavage. Green, blue-grn. to yellow green pleochroism (mafic rocks). HORNBLENDE / ACTINOLITE( ◻ ) PPL x100 (1e) Actinolite (end-section) in actab-czo hornfels; locality unknown.

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