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By Jakob von Uexkull

Is the tick a computing device or a laptop operator? Is it a trifling item or a topic? With those questions, the pioneering biophilosopher Jakob von Uexküll embarks on a amazing exploration of the original social and actual environments that particular animal species, in addition to contributors inside of species, construct and inhabit. this idea of the umwelt has develop into greatly very important inside of posthumanist philosophy, influencing such figures as Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Deleuze and Guattari, and, so much lately, Giorgio Agamben, who has referred to as Uexküll "a excessive element of contemporary antihumanism."
A key record within the family tree of posthumanist idea, A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans advances Uexküll's innovative trust that nonhuman perceptions needs to be accounted for in any biology worthy its identify; it additionally comprises his arguments opposed to traditional choice as an enough cause of the current orientation of a species' morphology and behaviour. A conception of Meaning extends his pondering at the umwelt, whereas additionally picking out an overarching and perceptible harmony in nature. these coming to Uexküll's paintings for the 1st time will locate that his inspiration of the umwelt holds out new probabilities for the phrases of animality, existence, and the full framework of biopolitics itself.

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Exactly the opposite is the case," the biologist will reply. "Everywhere, it is a case of machine operators and not of machine parts, for all the individual cells of the reflex arc act by transfer of stimuli, not by transfer of movement. " Any machine part, for example the clapper of a bell, only FIGURE 2. Reflex arc: receptor, sensory cell, motor cell, effector INTRODUCTION operates in a machine-like manner if it is swung back and forth in a certain way. All other interventions, such as, for example, cold, heat, acids, alkalis, electrical currents, it responds to as any other piece of metal would.

But it is a strength based on a kind of lie, the power of invention t h a t we then take to be real, forgetting t h e history of our associations, t h e connections forged by 29 30 INTRODUCTION thought. Chemistry and physics and biology, the h u m a n and social and sciences proper, are all already always abstracted from nature's wholeness, which h a u n t s typological thought like the plump beUy of the Buddha sitting serenely in silent meditation. We have ignored the viewpoints of other beings, which like our own reflect the whole, for the sake of our simplified, goal-directed analyses.

Torsten Ruting's suggested translation as "feature sign" echoes Merkmal but is pleonastic, introduces "sign" where the common and specifically semiotic term Zeichen is not present in the text, and does not refer to the subject's activity of perception as contrasted with t h a t of producing effects, wirken? ). Merkmal therefore specifies t h a t this is a mark of which one takes notice, just as Merkzeichen specifies perception as active noticing (Merken), which is only passive relative to its counterpart, the active production of effects (Wirken) and is not simply perception as cognition (Wahrnehmung).

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