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By Peter A. Scholle

This quantity expands and improves the AAPG 1978 vintage, a colour Illustrated consultant to Carbonate Rock components, Textures, Cements, and Porosities (AAPG Memoir 27). Carbonate petrography could be very complex. altering assemblages of organisms via time, coupled with the randomness of thin-section cuts via complicated shell varieties, upload to the trouble of picking out skeletal grains. in addition, simply because many fundamental carbonate grains are composed of volatile minerals (especially aragonite and high-Mg calcite), diagenetic alteration ordinarily is sort of broad in carbonate rocks. the variety of inorganic and biogenic carbonate mineralogy via time, although, complicates prediction of styles of diagenetic alteration.This booklet is designed to aid take care of such demanding situations. It features a big choice of examples of ordinarily encountered skeletal and nonskeletal grains, cements, materials, and porosity forms. It comprises huge new tables of age distributions, mineralogy, morphologic features, environmental implications and keys to grain id. It additionally features a variety of noncarbonate grains, that take place as accent minerals in carbonate rocks or which can supply vital biostratigraphic or paleoenvironmental info in carbonate strata. With this consultant, scholars and different employees with little formal petrographic education can be in a position to study skinny sections or acetate peels lower than the microscope and interpret the most rock elements and their depositional and diagenetic historical past.

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Scale of plant is illustrated in photograph below. ) containing about 50% dry weight CaCO3 (right) and carbonate mud that consists mostly of low-Mg calcite derived from charophytes (left). The right-hand picture shows low-Mg calcite encrustations around charophyte stems. Photographs courtesy of Walter E. Dean. Mac, L: HA = ~18 cm; R: HA = ~3 cm Up. A. An SEM image of the calcareous outer cover of the female reproductive structure (oogonium) of a charophyte. Note the spirally arranged external cortical tubes that give the grain a ribbed appearance.

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