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Firstly, the quality of the reconstruction is lower at earlier times. , there are more data gaps). Secondly, a small, but significant secular increase of the irradiance since the Maunder minimum is found. , 2006, manuscript in preparation). 2 Wm−2 . Figure 4. The open magnetic flux of the Sun computed by a coarse model (solid curve) compared to (a) the reconstruction by Lockwood et al. , 1990) (dotted curve). Note the inverted scale for 10 Be. SOLAR VARIABILITY OF POSSIBLE RELEVANCE FOR PLANETARY CLIMATES 33 Figure 5.

03%. , 2005). All data are normalized to an arbitrary reference day and each panel compares the spectral data to the TSI as shown in Figure 3. It is interesting to note that in the visible SSI and TSI closely match, especially regarding darkening due to the passage of sunspots across the solar disk. Further in the infrared the darkening of sunspots is progressively less. The variations displayed in this figure span a relatively short time period (about four months), and it will remain to be seen what magnitude and what shape the SSI variations will take throughout the solar cycle.

The complete extinction of radiation with wavelengths shorter than 300 nm is caused by ozone, providing an effective shield against this biologically harmful radiation. Figure 1 illustrates the difficulty of determining solar variability from the ground. Even in the visible where radiation is readily transmitted to the Earth’s surface, the corrections for atmospheric scattering and absorption are large and introduce errors of 1 to 2% in extrapolated top of the atmosphere (TOA) irradiance values.

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