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By Scott Douglas

Looking to redesign and revitalize your health and get fitter, yet uncertain the place to begin? good glance no additional than working guru and well-being professional Scott Douglas’s 100 belongings you Can Do to stick healthy and fit . every one brief part during this tome incorporates a basic, and easy-to-implement, healthcare professional- licensed perform that that might increase your health and common well-being directly, and, whilst endured, will increase your health and wellbeing completely. during this important and healthy publication, the reader will locate sections on:
• enhancing muscular health
• holding skeletal strength
• expanding psychological acuity
• tracking intestinal regularity
• And maintaining your cardiovascular fitness!
Simple to realize, effortless to take advantage of, and almost easy to enforce in every-day lifestyles, 100 belongings you Can Do to stick healthy and fit is a must have at the shelf in each home.

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A true health advocate, Scott has been engaged in a lifelong pursuit of optimum health and fitness. I’ve had the privilege to run the roads, sample the fresh local food, and witness his impeccable journalistic integrity and relentless research stamina. I’m certain you’ll find the 100 tips in this book to be both enjoyable and beneficial. Enjoy them in good health. —Phil Wharton, President of Wharton Health Solutions Introduction The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

1: Become a Choice Architect Let’s start with something that, in itself, won’t improve your health, but will make it much more likely that you’ll successfully enact some of the other 99 tips in this book. Behavioral economists talk about the importance of choice architecture, or the environment in which we make choices. The classic example is the difference between an employer-matched retirement fund where participation requires choosing to enroll, versus enrollment as the default option. In the latter case, more employees participate.

In the study, half of the subjects transformed their lifestyles significantly, all at once: they worked out daily, kept a food journal to monitor their eating habits, and took time for stress-reduction mental exercises. The other half went about their standard collegiate ways. At the end of the study period, the several-things-at-once group were, of course, healthier and happier than the control group. What was surprising was that their increase in self-esteem and their performance on cognitive-function tests increased more than would have been expected if they had made just one big change, such as improving their diets.

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